Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Who, what, why, how

Is there a key to the entire male population's soul that we are not being let in on. Does someone have it and just doesn't want to share? Or de we really know what they deny... It actually some what worries me how different some males and females can be. How differently they can react when put under pressure or when they have been pissed off or broken up with and how sometimes they even act opposite to how they really want to.

We can see most of what is going on but I feel like I never really know what is happening to males deep down. What they are really thinking... Then sometimes they let you in on a tiny piece of how they really, actually, 100% feel. Maybe a tear, or maybe they will delete you off myspace... Does this mean these people aren't genuine?

I don't know if this wall of understanding will ever be knocked down between the two different species but I do know immaturity is not the way out...

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