Monday, November 2, 2009

Let's be happy

About happy things, happy things are good, they make it- not break it.
A list of some of my favourite happy things

- One of my recently knew found loves, walks around this park just before you get to Herdsman Lake where there are tonnes of ducklings, pretty flowers and lake

- Another recently found love, the song Kiss by Prince. Amazing. Makes me very, very happy and is perfect for boogie-ing down to when doing chores

- Someone in your close family laughing really hard, especially when the joke is coming from another close family member, this always cracks me a smile

- Making a list of tasks and chores and completing all of them, very satisfying indeed

- Surprising comments from friends (obviously positive ones)

- Driving the reality truck, sometimes not easy at first, but eventually worth it

- Realizing my parents have/had good music taste and albums that I can listen to

- A glass of wine and a cigarette while not doing anything other then thinking and listening

- Writing, about anything! Seriously helpful, thanks Mummy

- Portishead, thanks Tik, very good music, for any mood

- Cooking!

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