Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dear Jeannie

I wish for

- Unlimited petrol
- Unlimited love
- A big happy family when I am older in a just big enough home with a big leafy garden
- A big dog that is black and skinny
- Unlimited amazing new foods to try
- Unlimited amazing free books to read and keep forever
- A horse
- Baby soft feet forever!
- No pimples ever again
- A perfect amount of energy during the day and close to none at night when I want to sleep ZZzzzzZzz
- Unlimited challenges
- Unlimited talents
- Lots of happy, loving, respecting, caring friends (but not too many)
- For everyone around me to be happy
- To be able to sing and shake my booty like Beyonce
- And to be able to play the piano really well

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